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Does Weather Affect
Your Health?

Q. I know that weather affects me. Sometimes I can barely walk because of knee and hip pain. Other times I'm barely aware.

Some people have said it's the low barometer, some say high barometer, some say falling barometer. I don't really even know what a barometer does but am I right that weather affects my joints and muscles?

Is there anything I can do about it? Thank you.

A. You are not CRAZY! Weather does effect joint and muscle pain.

A changing barometer (measure of pressure) up or down can react with the static pressure that is present in the fluid of the joints. That change can translate itself as pain or a flare up of inflammation.

Experiment with heat or cold (on for 20 minutes at a time, only) to see if you can "alter" the pressure effects a bit.

Regular exercise can help and even prevent pressure change from causing pain. By building up the surrounding muscle, the joint is protected from relying so much on itself for support.

Also - this is a good time to review "joint precautions" - make sure during weather changes, you are protecting your joints. Position yourself correctly at the computer, use assistive devices to help you with jobs around the house to open jars, clean cupboards, etc. and don't use your hands as if they were a tool!

Remember appropriate sleep positions as well during weather changes - they will help you start your morning much smoother.

My grandfather used to be able to predict a rainstorm by the feeling in his joints - as I get older, I think I now believe him!

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