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Physical Therapy Q&A
Parkinson's Disease,
Bladder Control

Q. Is there physical therapy that would help a person with Parkinson's Disease?

A. Yes, PT's are trained in the treatment of many types of neurological dysfunction including Parkinson's Disease.

There are many tricks up the PT's sleeve that can help Parkinson's patients function at a higher level of independence and confidence!

Q. Please help me with exercises I can do to control my bladder. This is very embarrassing for me.

A. Before exercises can be prescribed, the cause of the loss of bladder control must first be determined.

(Read our ClevelandSeniors.com article on Urinary Incontinence)

Research reveals that over 13 million Americans suffer with urinary incontinence, but it is estimated that only 15% of patients will seek medical help for their symptoms.

Often people find such private and embarrassing issues difficult to talk about and therefore do not seek medical attention. Approximately 80% of those affected by urinary incontinence can be cured or improved.

I encourage you to seek medical attention from a specialist first!

To learn more about NovaCare Rehabilitation, with 24 NE Ohio outpatient clinics,please visit us online at www.novacare.com/neohio.htm

Or call 216-292-6363 ext. 236


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