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Muscle Questions

Q. I have been using muscles I forgot I have ever since I got a new dog and have been playing with him in the snow. I am in my late 50's.

What's good to warm up before this? Any hints how to make it all hurt less and not last as long? Thank you

A. First of all - congratulations! Playing is the number one way to reduce stress, decrease heart attack risk and burn calories, improve spirits.... I could keep going!

However, you hit it right on the head that you MUST warm up first. Three to five minutes of light jogging in place - a few arm circles and torso twists and you will be miles ahead of your dog!

The best thing to do AFTER you are hurting is to.... DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

By getting moving again, you move the lactic acid which is causing the discomfort out of your muscles. So get that blood pumping (and your dog's!).... It's great for both of you!

Q. I pulled my hamstring about 3 months ago. It wasn't too bad a pull, and I thought I'd give it some rest and play sport again in a couple of weeks.

However, ever since I get a pain at the top of the hamstring (which I don't think is where I originally pulled it) near the butt whenever I am sat for long periods, particularly when driving.

Could you advise me a course of action, as I am wanting to get back playing football, but while I am getting this nagging pain/ache I don't feel I should.

A. As your hamstring injury healed, it could have created some scar tissue and possibly tightened the muscle causing a pulling at the "origin site" on the hip (butt bone!). A solid stretching program with proper warm up (so that you are stretching warm muscles - not cold!) can usually help.

Ultrasound is a great modality to break up scar tissue as well! One other hint would be to use a "wedge cushion" in the car to lesson the pull on the hamstring origin as you drive.

This is a cushion that looks like a wedge/triangle that you sit on - it creates a rotation in the hips that lesson the strain on the hamstring. Let me know if you need help!

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