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Physical Therapy
General PT Questions Answered

Q. Do you need a doctor's prescription to go to a Physical Therapist or can you make an appointment and walk in?

A. Currently, almost all states have some sort of 'direct access' to a physical therapists.

Ohio recently passed a "direct access law" that allows patients to see a physical therapist without a prescription from your doctor.

You may now walk in off the street to see a physical therapist, but to insure that your insurance pays for the evaluation (including Medicare) you may be required to submit a physician's prescription.

A prescription for physical therapy can usually very readily be obtain by requesting one from your primary care physician.

Q. Is a physical therapist the same as a chiropractor?

A. No. A physical therapist has different training than a chiropractor. A PT has between 4 and 7 years of college, and can have a BS, MS or Doctorate in Physical Therapy. A PT is licensed in the state they practice.

A Chiropractor graduates from an undergraduate college and an accredited chiropractic college and many go on to specialize in different areas. They are licensed in the state they practice.


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