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Sitting in a Recliner

Q. I used to relax at night in my recliner, but a couple of times when I tried to stand up I could barely move for almost an hour. So now, I don't sit in the recliner, but I would like to.

What do you think happened? How can I avoid it (other than giving up the chair itself?) Thanks.

A. Great question - when you are in a recliner, your spine is in a flexed position which is not a natural position for your spine.

If you have any disc problems or arthritis in your spine, you may not respond well to a flexed (relaxed) posture for a long period of time.

I would suggest that you place a small towel roll or lumbar cushion under your low back to place your spine in extension (the normal lumbar curve) while laying in your recliner, and see if your back responds better to some proper positioning.

It is always a good idea to get up and stretch at every commercial! Good luck!


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