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After a Broken Leg

Q. I can't seem to get things "back to normal" after a broken leg.

The cast has been off for awhile (4 weeks) but everything seems a bit off kilter. Is this to be expected?

Will it come back to normal? Should I be doing something in the meantime? Thank you

A. Four week out of a cast and still off kilter is quite normal - especially if the cast was on for a while.

Unless you had a bad break in the joint, or if you developed a "contracture" of your joint, things should come back to normal provided you are using your leg in a "normal" way.

If you don't use your leg, it will likely become even more stiff, and delay return to normal function.

I recommend moving your leg in every direction as far as it will go to keep it from becoming stiff - and why not ask your doctor for a prescription to see a physical therapist?


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