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Vision Q&A
with Mark Pophal, M.D.

Dr. Pophal would like to remind you that without an exam many of your questions cannot be properly answered.

Your vision is important and should not be taken for granted, or taken lightly. It is wise to see an eye doctor right away if you have questions or problems with your eyes or vision.

Useful information can be found at the American Academy of Ophthalmology website

Q. Having lost the vision in one eye 8 years after cataract surgery from ION, I need cataract surgery on the other eye but I am afraid that I may lose sight from the surgery. I am 80 years old. What is your advice?

A. Although cataract surgery is a common procedure, every surgery and every patient is somewhat different.

In your case, the risk is higher because you have only one good eye. If your activities of daily living are affected discuss it with your surgeon.

Q. My question relates to the prevention of any eye conditions: Can a 12V MAX 20W halogen desk lamp damage your eyes by staring directly at the light bulb while it is on, which is what I did?

A. This is doubtful, but something is prompting you to ask the question and therefore I suggest that you discuss it with your doctor

You really should have an eye exam, and I would not delay.

Q. What damage to the eye can be done during a glaucoma exam (split instrument)? Recently a technician hurt my left eye while performing that test. A week later, I had my first ever visual disturbance and now I am told that my eye pressure is above normal in both eyes.

Prior to that happening I have never had an abnormal reading. In fact, the day of injury she said my pressure was normal (17). I am just trying to figure out if that injury may be the cause of my pressure problems now.

A. It is very doubtful, that ocular hypertension could be caused by a glaucoma exam.

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