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The Heimlich Maneuver

When someone is choking on an object, the Heimlich Maneuver can be a lifesaver.

This guide is offered for informational purposes. You are encouraged to ask your medical or other trained professionals for their advice and opinions. Be aware that these techniques may differ for children, pregnant women, the infirm,disabled, etc.

On someone else

  1. From behind, wrap your arms around the victim.
  2. Make a fist with one hand and place thumb side below victim's rib cage, above the navel.
  3. Grasp fist with your other hand and press into the abdomen with a quick, upward thrust.
  4. Repeat thrusts until object is expelled.

On yourself

  1. Place your fist below your rib cage and above the navel
  2. Grasp with your other hand and press into abdomen with a quick, upward thrust.
  3. Or lean over a fixed horizontal object and press your upper abdomen against the edge with a quick, downward thrust.

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