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Healthy Eating
It doesn't have to be boring!

To many people, good nutrition and boring foods go hand in hand. They think of healthy choices as bland choices and never being able to eat the foods they love the most. But this actually is not the case. With a little planning and creativity you can include many of your favorite foods in your diet. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Be Flexible and See the Big Picture
    Don't worry about one meal or one day, it's the total picture that counts. Balance what you eat with physical activity over several days.
  • Be Sensible and Enjoy Your Food
    There is nothing to gain by eating something you love and feeling miserable while you do it. If you enjoy the experience of eating something you will also make it last longer and be more of a treat. Just don't overdo it. You can include the foods that are higher in fat, sugar or salt, but be watchful of the portion control.
  • Be Realistic and Patient
    Your weight and physical condition did not get to the point they're in now overnight so why would you expect them to change overnight? You are attempting to create a healthier, happier lifestyle. Isn't this worth a little patience? And remember the first point. If there is a day or a meal that you are not especially happy with balance it with the big picture.
  • Be Active
    We've heard all the handy hints - park far from the door of the Mall, walk the dog, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. People are much more likely to add and maintain an activity like these to their day then they are to start an intense work out and exercise program. Take it slow; any increased physical activity will help.
  • Be Adventurous
    Statistics show approximately 15,000 new food products every year. Somewhere in there there has to be something new and healthy that you will like. Try new spices, salt substitutes, cooking methods or restaurants. There's an abundance of opportunity out there.
  • Be Yourself
    Not everybody is a size 6 or can bench-press their weight. We are who we are. It is our goal to make ourselves the best we can, but not to turn ourselves in to a clone of someone else. We are all different and that difference should be celebrated not discouraged or hidden.

Enjoy yourself. Plan ahead, be creative and celebrate your special qualities.

Life is for living, each in our own way and with our own special style. We are all very different. Vive la Difference!

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