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10 Tips for Eating Healthy
When Eating Out

March is National Nutrition Month(R), and Chick-fil-A is offering advice on eating right when eating out. Jodie Worrell, Chick-fil-A Nutritionist, says "Eating healthy does not mean having to give up your favorite foods. Through moderation and balanced choices, as well as exercise, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. By making informed decisions, eating out can easily fit in to any diet."

Chick-fil-A's Worrell offers the following tips to consider when dining out:

1. Be aware of hidden calories.

Calories can lurk in many unexpected places. Creamy sauces such as alfredo sauce, will likely have more fat and calories than a marinara sauce. Items that contain milk, cream, or butter will likely be higher in calories, fat, and saturated fat.

Fried foods often will have more fat and saturated fat then a grilled version.

2. Use condiments sparingly.

Condiments such as butter, mayonnaise, dipping sauces and dressings often can add a lot of calories to a meal. Ask for condiments and dressings on the side and then use them sparingly.

3. Control your portion size.

Restaurant meals tend to be overly large, and the calories in some meals can add up to more than 1,000 for one meal. Try eating just half of the meal and saving the other half for a future meal.

4. Choose unsweetened drinks.

This will decrease the amount of calories consumed.

5. Choose options with more fiber.

Foods containing more fiber, including whole grain breads, pastas, rice, vegetables and fruits, will help you to fill up quicker and stay full longer.

6. Plan ahead.

Use nutrition information to plan your meals in advance.

7. Share.

Split large entrees, desserts, and appetizers with a companion. This will cut down the calories and fat consumed.

8. Choose healthy or "lite" options.

Most restaurants now offer healthier choices in addition to their typical menu. At full-service restaurants, look at the menu for a lighter or healthier section. When ordering at a quick-service restaurant, look for the grilled items, salads, and optional sides.

9. Stop when you feel full.

There is no rule that says you have to eat all that is placed in front of you. If you feel you have to eat everything that is on your plate, then try ordering smaller portion sizes or before starting to eat the meal, take half and put it in a to-go container for the next day.

10. Order healthy sides.

When eating out at a quick-service restaurant or a full-service restaurant, opt for the healthier sides in place of French fries or other fried side options. Try adding a side salad, grilled veggies, or fresh fruit to the meal as a side. This is also a great way to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables for the day.

For more information on how Chick-fil-A can fit into your dietary regimen, visit their website to find complete nutrition information, an easy-to-use meal calculator, menu and ingredients list, and allergen/gluten information.

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