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Hearing and Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Shopping Guide
Step by Step Tips from Consumer Reports

Effective Communication Is Vital
In Catered and Assistive Living Facilities

Ear and Hearing Problems
When to see a Physician, when to see an Audiologist

Using the telephone
Phone options with hearing loss

Untreated hearing loss
has negative effects on quality of life

Selective Hearing?
24 tips from Dr Beverly Goldstein

One Hearing Aid or Two?
Dr Beverly Goldstein gives 8 reasons

Ipod and other MP3 Players and Hearing
Protect your hearing

Tips to share with your Doctor
If you are deaf or hard-of-hearing

The new "computer in your ear" technologies
What "digital" means for your hearing

A question about treatment options
For the 3 major types of hearing loss

Hearing aids - not just for "old" people
A concerned wife's question

Buzzing in the ear and nausea
2 parts of the inner ear explained

Meet our Audiologist
Dr Craig Newman of the Cleveland Clinic

A primer on hearing and hearing aids
Why can I hear but not understand?

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