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Reader Feedback

We had a wonderful response to our first article on home remedies. Here are some of the solutions you sent in. I'm looking forward to even more of your natural remedies.


I don't know why it works, but my mother always gave us a spoonful of sugar when we had the hiccups and they went away.

Note: This is actually scientifically sound. The sugar stimulates the appropriate nerve pathways and eliminates the hiccup reflex. Your mother was a wise woman.


The only thing that helps me feel better when I have a migraine is sitting under a hairdryer. It seems to ease the tension of the migraine and I feel much better. I think the heat is good for it, and I don't know any other way to get that much heat directly on the pain and this is quite relaxing.


Strong, hot, regular (non-decaf) coffee gets me up and going in no time. It's better than any of those drug store pills and remedies, and I like it, too.


I just loved reading your home remedies. There are so many things my mother and grandmother used to do, that I just took for granted. Now there seems to be a pill for everything, but I like Mom's way better.

Here's an easy one. If you're feeling nauseous mom always gave us Coca-Cola to drink. She'd throw a peanut in there to get rid of the carbonation (I suppose any kind of salt would do). It was very soothing to our stomachs.

I understand they sell Coke Syrup for this same reason, but Mom went to the pantry, not the drug store!

Have a home remedy that has worked for you? Please share it. E-mail your remedy to homerem@clevelandseniors.com

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