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TriviALities #2

Our friend Al is the King of Trivia. He thinks he can stump you. Can he?

Likewise, if you think you can stump Al, e-mail your trivia questions to him. Here we go!

Read the clue and come up with a 2 word answer in which each word begins with CA.

For example Christmas stocking stuffer would be Candy Cane

  1. San Francisco transportation
  2. Feline with black yellow white
  3. NASA
  4. Old TV Show
  5. Library Search System once
  6. National Park in New Mexico
  7. Dessert Item
  8. Something a visitor
  9. Group of Animals & riders
  10. Slang for theatrical auction
  11. Plane transport
  12. Chalk or limestone chemically
  13. Ottawa

The Answers Are Coming, The Answers Are Coming !!

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1) Cable Car

2) Calico Cat

3) Cape Canaveral

4) Candid Camera

5) Card Catalogue

6) Carlsbad Cavern

7) Carrot Cake

8) Calling Card

9) Camel Caravan

10) Cattle Call

11) Cargo Carrier

12) Calcium Carbonate

13) Canadian Capital

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