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TriviALities #1

Our friend Al is the King of Trivia. He thinks he can stump you. Can he?

Likewise, if you think you can stump Al, e-mail your trivia questions to him. Here we go!

1) What happens to the Pope's ring after he dies?

2) What is the oldest dance form in the world?

3) Who is called "Yellow Hair"?

4) Who is called "Little Sure Shot"?

5) Who is called "The Pink Goddess"?

6) How was the first long distance communication achieved?

7) What country has 6 states?

8) When do prices on sale go up instead of down?

9) Where is Boystown?

10) Who is Barney Clark?

11) Who is on the $50 bill?

12) How long is four score and seven years?

13) What was President Reagan's nickname?

14) What does RCA stand for?

15) What is the old name for Iran?

16) What is the old name for Iraq?

17) What is the old name for Hawaii?

The Answers Are Coming, The Answers Are Coming !!

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1) The ring is destroyed

2) Belly dancing

3) George Armstrong Custer

4) Annie Oakley

5) Jayne Mansfield

6) Smoke Signals

7) Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia

8) At an auction

9) Nebraska

10) Had the first artificial heart

11) Ulysses S. Grant

12) 87 years (a score is 20 years)

13) Dutch

14) Radio Corporation of America

15) Mesopotamia

16) Persia

17) Sandwich Islands

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