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My default home web page

Q.When I turn on the computer and get on the Internet, the first page that comes up is something I don't want. My friend's computer comes right up to her favorite shopping site. How can I do that?

A.What you are talking about is changing the default home page of your browser (the program that lets you view and surf Internet sites).

Since most of you probably use Internet Explorer (the browser that comes with Windows) we will go through that process. Other browsers (Netscape, Opera, etc.) have a similar approach.

There is a menu bar at the top of the screen that lists various functions such as File, Edit, View, favorites and so on. Click on the Tools menu and choose Internet Options from the pull-down command list.

There will be several tabs across the top - General, Security, privacy, etc. If it did not open up to the General tab (it usually does automatically), click on General.

The first block of text will be title Home Page. The address of your current default home page is typed into the Address box. You can type in the address of the page that you want as your home such as

But an easier way is to go to the page that you want as your home and then begin the Tools - Internet Options process. Then just click on Use Current and the page that you are on will be your new default home page.

Just click OK to finalize the change and the next time you log on (or click on the home icon), the browser should take you to the page you chose.

Answered by Tech Expert Dan Hanson

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