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Moving a PC

Q. I want to move my computer from the bedroom to the family room but I don't think I will be able to reconnect all those wires in the right place. My son set it up and he is now in Arizona. Help!

A. This is certainly something you should be able to do - without having to wait for a visit from Arizona.

The best way is to look at what is connected - and where - on the computer before you move it.

Use different color markers to mark the cable and the port it plugs into. So mark the cable that plugs into the speakers with a green marker, for example, and make a little green mark by the port it plugs into on the computer. This marking does no harm and won't be seen anyway.

Some people like to use labels and attach them to the cables. For example, they write PRINTER on a label and then secure the label to the printer cable and then attach another smaller label that says printer to the spot on the computer where that cable plugs in.

Most of the cables will only fit into one port anyway. There are a few that can be confusing like the keyboard and mouse cables.

Those 2 devices usually fit into either slot and they are normally right next to each other so be alert as to which goes where. Usually there is a small icon of a mouse and/or keyboard by the appropriate port. If not, use the marker trick.

When you reconnect the cables make sure they are aligned the proper way. For example, most connectors on the cable to your monitor will have 15 pins in an alignment that has one longer row and one shorter row of pins.

Make sure you line up the wider part of the connector with the wider part of the port when you reconnect. Don't force the connection - that could bend pins and render the device unusable.

If you mark your cables and pay attention to how they are aligned (there is often a little arrow or other indicator), you should have no trouble.

The computer industry is trying to standardize on colors so connecting cables will be easier but not all companies follow this convention.

This guide may be helpful - especially if you have a newer PC but you can't rely on it 100%.

  • Mouse - Green
  • Keyboard - Purple
  • Monitor - Blue
  • Parallel printer - Burgundy
  • Serial Port - Turquoise
  • Gameport or Midi Device - Gold
  • Microphone - Pink
  • Audio (speaker) line in - Light Blue
  • Video Out - Yellow

Answered by Tech Expert Dan Hanson

If you have computer or Internet questions, e-mail our Tech Guru at tech@ClevelandSeniors.Com

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