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When you want information, what's a great place to go? The library of course.

Cleveland Public Library

The Cleveland Public Library has set up a web site as part of the Senior Gateway Web Initiative that will bring (and enhance) the library experience to Northeast Ohio Seniors.

Craig Clark, Coordinator of the project, says,"Our goal is to organize information within this new web site that would be important to older adults and to create an online community where older adults can easily explore a variety of subjects."

The well-organized, easily maneuvered site is a reflection of the skills that a library can bring to the web. Numerous links to informative and useful web sites and resources can be found with a click of the mouse.

Seniors Connect

The site includes a link for the United Way's First Call For Help program.

Give it a try at SeniorsConnect.Org

They would appreciate your feedback on the design, navigation and content of the site so feel free to let them know.

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