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Do you remember...
Roy Roger's 1959 Yellow Jacket Boat?

According to an informative Yellow Jacket boat website, The Yellow Jacket Boat Company was in business for 10 years from 1949 to 1959 and was considered to be a very popular molded plywood boat known for it's speed and durability.

In the beginning the hulls were molded by a company in Canada and shipped to Denison, Texas for assembly.

1959 Yellow Jacket Capri boat owned by Roy Rogers

1959 Yellow Jacket Capri boat

The company's founder was R. A. McDerby who passed away in 2004. Mr. McDerby and Roy Rogers (also part owner for awhile) saw many speed records broken with the Yellow Jacket Wood Boat and a pair of outboard motors.

The horse power varied depending on the year, the earlier the year the less the horse power.

The boat really became popular in 1953 when two fellows drove their 14 foot runabout from New Orleans to St. Louis in a record time beating the old record with speeds averaging 28 to 44 M.P.H with a pair of 25 horse power Johnsons.

Roy Rogers 1959 Yellow Jacket Boat

Roy Rogers on his 1959 Yellow Jacket Boat

Always be Good for Roy Rogers & Trigger

Roy Rogers 1959 Yellow Jacket Boat

Roy Rogers 1959 Yellow Jacket Boat

1959 Yellow Jacket

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