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Do you remember...
The Giant Cootie Game?

The Cootie game has been a favorite for over 50 years. Roll the Cootie die and if you roll a 1, you choose one of the Cootie bodies. If you roll a 2 you select a Cootie head and so on. The first to build a complete Cootie bug wins the game.

Giant Cootie Game Box

The original box was printed with "1949 Cootie Game Patent Pending Schaper Mfg."

Inside the Cootie game box with all the cootie pieces

The pieces inside the Cootie game box

A completed giant Cootie

A completed giant Cootie

Newer Cootie bugs in different colors

Newer versions of the game had Cootie bugs
in different colors. Today the game is produced by Hasbro which took over Milton Bradley in 1984.

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