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Two-Letter Quiz

In each category below the first two letters are the same as the first two letters of the answer. For example PLanet in our Solar System would be PLuto.

1. An automobile

2. Dog Breed

3. Capitol of a Western State

4. Brand of Tire.

5. City with a major league baseball team.

6. Province of Canada

7. Leader of the Soviet Union

8. Sandwich meat

9. Colony before the Revolutionary War

10. Cape in the United States

11. Elementary Particle

12. Movie starring James Bond.


1. Audi

2. Doberman Pinscher

3. Carson City

4. Bridgestone

5. Cincinnati

6. Prince Edward Sound

7. Lenin

8. Salami

9. Connecticut

10. Canaveral

11. Electron

12. Moonraker

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