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Trivia Quiz #4

1. What are first names of the Andrew Sisters?

2. How about the Lennon Sisters?

3. As the US was about to enter WWII, TIME magazine reported that to the German masses the United States meant "sky-scrapers, Clark Gable, and Ö." Who?

4. In 1941 President Roosevelt created an office to oversee weapons development. This office went on to develop the atomic bomb. Name the project that developed the bomb and the man who advised Roosevelt.

5. In 1953 Gregory Peck starred in Roman Holiday which included the debut of a future star. Name her.

6. What were the horses in The Wizard of Oz "Horse of Another Color" scene colored with?

7. How many U.S. Presidents have their been?

8. Alfred Hitchcock said "The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of ..." what?

9. Who said "Just take the ball and throw it where you want to. Throw strikes. Home plate donít move."

10. What conference was held in February 1945 on Crimea with FDR, Churchill and Stalin?

No peeking till you are done!


1. Patty, Maxine and LaVerne

2. Janet, Peggy, Kathy and Dianne (Dee-Dee)

3. Artie Shaw

4. The Manhattan Project. Albert Einstein

5. Audrey Hepburn

6. Jello crystals (the scenes had to be shot quickly because the horses tried to lick it off)

7. Although George W. Bush is the 43rd President, there have actually only been 42. Grover Cleveland was elected to 2 non-consecutive terms (22 and 24) and therefore gets counted twice. All other Presidents are only counted once regardless of how many terms they serve.

8. The human bladder

9. Satchel Paige

10. Yalta

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