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Trivia Quiz #2

These are very tough questions - give them a good ponder before looking at the answers below. Congratulations if you got any of them correct!

1. Who was the first professional soldier to win a Nobel peace prize?

2. The top aerobatic squadron in the US Navy is known as the Blue Angels. What is its British equivalent?

3. How many films starring James Dean were released during his lifetime?

4. Which film awarded the Oscar for Best Picture has the shortest name?

5. What country was the first to appoint a woman as its ambassador to the US?

6. In what fictitious kingdom would you find the sacred river Alph?

7. Why did Montreal Expo pitcher Greg Harris have a baseball glove with 6 fingers?

8. Who was the first career Army officer to be elected US president?

Okay that's it. Here are the right answers.

1. US Army general George C. Marshall in 1953 for his role in rebuilding Europe through the Marshall Plan.

2. The Red Arrows of the Royal Air Force

3. Only one - East of Eden. His other two films, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant were released after his death

4. Gigi in 1958

5. India in 1949

6. In Xanadu from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "Kubla Khan"

7. He is ambidextrous. The 6 fingered glove lets him throw either right or left handed - a feat he did against the Reds in 1995.

8. Zachary Taylor, the 12th president, who moved into the White House in 1849 and died the following year.

NOTE - this came in from a reader:

Under Trivia and Quizzes, Tough Trivia Questions, Question # 2, The top aerobatic squadron in the US Air Force is Not the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels belong to the US Navy. The Thunderbirds belong to the US Air Force.

You have some good questions on your quiz. And yes, its pretty darn tough.

Take care;
TSgt Austin
US Air Force

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