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Rhyming Phrase Word Quiz

Find a rhyme for each 3 words to come up with a common phrase.

Example: Took, Sign, Blinker

Answer: Hook, Line and Sinker

  1. Flop, Crook, Listen
  2. Pin, Brace, Though
  3. Versed, Beckoned, Heard
  4. Leg, Sorrow, Wheel
  5. Bawl, Park, Ransom
  6. Sprawl, Tedium, Barge
  7. Trap, Shackle, Stop
  8. Mud, Fret, Beers
  9. Break, Cattle, Foal
  10. Wife, Pork, Croon
  11. Sheer, Rose, Float
  12. Fine, Swimmin', Wrong
  13. Lame, Debt, Scratch
  14. Head, Fright, Chew

Before you scroll down for the answers, give them another try!


Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc

  1. Stop, look and listen
  2. Win, place and show
  3. First, second and third
  4. Beg, borrow and steal
  5. Tall, dark and handsome
  6. Small, medium and large
  7. Snap, crackle and pop
  8. Blood, sweat and tears
  9. Shake, rattle and roll
  10. Knife, fork and spoon
  11. Ear, nose and throat
  12. Wine, women and song
  13. Game, set and match
  14. Red, white and blue

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