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Storage Bags

Q.What do you think of those clear plastic bags that you hook up to your vacuum and the air is sucked out so they will store smaller? Do they really save much space? Could damage be done to the items that are in the bag?

Reply: These products can save space without damaging your belongings, but as with everything, quality can vary substantially. Here are some key issues to look for when considering this method of storage:


Some of these products have patented zip lock systems and other components that make it easy to remove the air. If using a vacuum cleaner seems like it would be too much trouble, consider a product that utilizes different technology; not all require the use of a vacuum.


Does the product promise to keep out dirt, dust, moisture and water, mold, mildew, odors, bugs and the like? Be sure you are clear about these benefits, especially if one or more of them is important.

Satisfaction guarantee

Will the manufacturer or retailer refund your money if you have used the product and are not satisfied, and under what terms? Does the product come with any kind of a lifetime warrantee? Is there a toll free phone number which provides accessible customer service? If you are considering a sizeable investment, be sure you have an out clause if you are not satisfied.


Do you care about the benefits for which you are paying? Be aware of the cost/value relationship inherent in the products your are considering, and make sure it is meaningful to you.

Ultimately, your decision rests on how much money you are willing to spend relative to the value promised by the manufacturer. Shop around for the features and benefits you need, for indeed, there are many clever solutions available, at all price point levels.

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Jill Ellen Shankar
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