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Organizing Cans of Food
Advice from Jill Ellen Shankar

Q. I know that you should use older cans of food first but when I come in with the groceries the last thing I want to do is reorder the pantry.

So many of the cans sit in bags next to the pantry because I am waiting for time when I can "do a good job."

Then it becomes overwhelming in a few months. What would you do?

A. Try this: don't buy new cans until most of your old cans are gone.

This goes against the American grain of saving for a rainy day, stocking up on sale items, etc., but honestly, hoarding does us no good. And if you have too much stuff to fit into your space, you're guilty.

Think of yourself as Wal-Mart: they never buy more bread until the bread they've already purchased has been sold to you and me. This strategy saves them lots of money and space, and will do the same for you.

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Jill Ellen Shankar
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