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Crawl Space instead of Attic
Advice from Jill Ellen Shankar

Q. In my old home I had an attic with a lot of storage. Now I've had to move into a smaller place and they have "storage" above the bedroom but it is really a crawl space. I am not in "crawling" condition anymore.

What would you suggest so that I can use that space but not having to call my son every few days to have him get something for me? Thank you

A. If you find your crawl space to be unfriendly and inconvenient, I suggest that you simply don't use it.

Instead, clean up and organize the spaces that are accessible- you'll be much happier for your efforts.

First, though easier said than done, purge what you don't need, don't love or do not use.

Next, store items that you access often (you define often) in more convenient locations, such as closets.

Things that you use rarely, like holiday decorations, can be placed more remotely, like in a garage or basement. And while it's tempting to throw those decorations in the attic, resist.

Removing your clutter will sooth your mind and spirit much more effectively than jamming stuff into a difficult to reach crawl space.

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Jill Ellen Shankar
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