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Storing Barbecue Items
Advice from Jill Ellen Shankar

Q. We like to use the gas grill outside as much as possible. There isn't room in the kitchen for the grill utensils but they get lost or grungy in the garage. Any advice?

A. Barbecue supper is a great summertime (or anytime treat), and the right tools make all the difference. You are correct in wanting to keep them clean and in good shape, for they will last longer and do their jobs more effectively that way.

One option is a peg board or rack that screws into a wall in your garage (think of the type that hold shovels and rakes). An over the door version, a wall pocket system or a very simple set of hooks may work too.

The Container Store is a great resource.

You may prefer a portable storage container to keep your tools safe. Your best bet is to call the manufacturer of your set to see if they have any to offer.

If that doesn't work, another route, fairly inexpensive, it to go to your local discounter or home center. You can look at a plastic storage unit that is lidded and possibly handled, but probably won't be a precise fit.

I also checked with Williams Sonoma and they suggested more creative ideas, like trash containers and food storage canisters.

A brushed steel version of a trash can, with a step to lift the lid, might work well (these can be expensive, but don't have to be, so shop around). They are sturdy, tall, and easy to open. A similar pail made out of plastic could work as well.

A third option is a food storage canister made out of brushed steel, ceramic or acrylic. My research also turned up the possibility of adapting tool boxes, or other hardware related products.

Whatever you do, pick something. Warm weather is fast approaching, and you don't want to get caught without your tools!

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Jill Ellen Shankar
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