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Kitchen Gadgets

Q) I can't resist all the nifty kitchen gadgets - the Foreman Grill, the pasta maker, the juicer and bread machine - even the dehydrator!

But there is just not enough space in the kitchen to keep these machines on the counter and I either forget about them or it is too much of a pain to pull them out and use them. Any advice?

Reply: One of the keys to organizing success is discipline, which grows with practice! This means that you resist purchasing equipment which provides little incremental value in saved time or solved problems.

A good way to get down to business with this concept is to consider what you might do with all the money you have spent on tools that you do not use...the frustration with not having that cash just might be enough to give you pause next time.

However, since this stuff is already in your house, store those gadgets which you do not use at least once per week remotely. Depending upon your home, this could be on a shelf in the garage, basement or an extra closet, or just under the kitchen counter.

If you forget about or just don't use something because it is too much trouble to get it out, you probably didn't need it much in the first place. Consider donating anything which has not been used in a year or more to a charity.

Lastly, take a good hard look at why you buy things that you do not seem to care much about. It is possible that there is an underlying fear that should be studied.

Getting organized is as much an emotional endeavor as a physical one, and your ability to manage your stuff well speaks volumes about your priorities and passions. Practice, don't be afraid to do new things, and rejoice when you make peace with yourself!

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Jill Ellen Shankar
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