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The Outrageousness of
being Organized
by Jill Ellen Shankar

Organized people get a bad rap. I saw a refrigerator magnet at a party recently that said something to the effect that immaculate women are dull. As if!

Some folks think to even attempt to be organized is out of the question, similar in outrageousness to the idea of wearing pink and red together, or plaids and stripes at the same time. One would just not attempt such a thing. Or would you?

In reality, many of us know, or have seen it written, that it is indeed possible to have more order in one's day. Like most worthy endeavors, however, it does require effort. In the end, persistence and patience will always triumph, and the rewards for your risk are priceless.

The most important reason to take the risk and learn something new is your peace of mind. Becoming skilled at managing time and clutter more effectively enables us to plan our days well and control the manner in which we make decisions about our responsibilities and commitments. It is ultimately these abilities that permit us to live joyfully, resulting in a reduction in the irritation and distress that have somehow become chronic.

Another reason that we should learn how to increase our orderliness is so that we spend our time on the really important things. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, adults spend the equivalent of one year searching through clutter for misplaced objects.

Furthermore, the toll taken trying to make up for lost moments with friends, family, and selves is too high. Since each tick on the clock represents a precious second that we will never get back, does it not behoove us to develop the habits that will help us bypass at least some of these frustrations and disappointments?

A third incentive to gain power over time is the enhancement of personal pride, which positively influences all of our other dreams and hopes. Think of the ecstasy experienced with the defeat of a seemingly insurmountable hurdle. Sometimes the thrill is deeply felt and quiet, at others it is a raucous celebration. Either way, it is a poignant sensation that enriches the very air we breathe.

In the end, the greater our peace of mind, personal effectiveness and sense of pride, the more meaningful we become to our families, our friends, our planet and ourselves. Go ahead, be outrageous!

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Jill Ellen Shankar
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