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Cleveland Quiz #2

So you've lived in Cleveland all of your life and think you know everything there is to know about it. Here's the second test to prove that you really do.

Answers below - no peeking!

  1. When Bernie Kosar was cut from the Cleveland Browns in 1993 who was named starting quarterback?

  2. Who dressed in railroad overalls to appear as Captain Penny on the children's television show?

  3. Billy Joel performed at the inaugural event at what Cleveland entertainment center?

  4. What Cleveland retail store was always located "across the street from, but not in" various Malls?

  5. Ted Stepien was responsible for a 1980 promotional stunt, which resulted in the injury of two pedestrians. What was the stunt?

  6. Cleveland's East and West Side are divided by what?

  7. What is the current name of the Cleveland Homeopathic Hospital, opened in 1856?

  8. Radical Jerry Rubin was ousted from her television show by Dorothy Fuldheim. Why?

  9. In 1918, the Cleveland Orchestra held it's first concert. It was held on Bolivar Road. Name the venue.

  10. What Cleveland landmark is built on quicksand?

  11. What Cleveland suburb produced bandleader Sammy Kaye?

  12. Barnaby had an invisible parrot. Name him.

  13. This comedy team, famous for both their stage and radio acts were married in Cleveland while they were performing in Playhouse Square. Name them.

  14. Founded in 1917, this eastside suburb, then known as Euclidville was the subject of a 1920 high school contest to change its name. What is its current name?

  15. Cleveland only exports one raw material. What is it?

Answers below - don't peek!

  1. Todd Philcox

  2. Ron Penfound

  3. Gund Arena

  4. J.B. Robinson Jewelers

  5. Dropping softballs from the 52nd story of the Terminal Tower

  6. Public Square NOT the Cuyahoga River. (Note the address changes on either side of the Square)

  7. Meridia Huron Hospital (or Huron Road Hospital)

  8. He was swearing and referred to police as "pigs".

  9. Gray's Armory

  10. The Terminal Tower.

  11. Lakewood

  12. Long John

  13. George Burns and Gracie Allen

  14. Lyndhurst

  15. Salt

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