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Cleveland Quiz #1

So you've lived in Cleveland all of your life and think you know everything there is to know about it. Take this test and see if you really do. Answers below - no peeking!

  1. Cleveland Municipal Stadium originally had much higher aspirations than a football/baseball stadium. What prompted it's building?

  2. What were the team colors for the Cavaliers when they entered the NBA?

  3. Before the Botanical Gardens housed trees and flowers it was the original site of what Cleveland landmark?

  4. Who was Cleveland's Mayor in 1966 and whom did he call to help with the Hough Riots?

  5. In 1957 the Teamsters Union was suspended from the AFL-CIO due to allegations of mob ties and strong-arm tactics. Who led the Cleveland Teamsters Union at that time?

  6. In 1979 Cleveland's last professional outdoor soccer team played their last game. Who were they?

  7. Cleveland's own Pierre's French Ice Cream is credited with the creation of what ice cream packaging innovation?

  8. Bill Fitch was Cleveland's first coach of what major sports team?

  9. What is the oldest Italian Restaurant in Cleveland? Founded in 1918 it is still operating today.

  10. Was Twinsburg really founded by twins? If so, who were they?

  11. Who calls Severance Hall it's home?

  12. Dorothy Fudheim's last interview was in 1984. Whom did she interview?

  13. In the 1920's, what area was considered "Uptown"?

  14. Drunken fans caused the Cleveland Indians to forfeit to what team in 1974?
    What promotion caused the situation?

  15. There's only one new car dealer in downtown Cleveland. Who is it?

Answers below - don't peek!

1. It was built in an effort to attract the 1932 Olympics.

2. Wine and Gold

3. The Cleveland Zoo

4. Ralph Locher called the National Guard for assistance.

5. William Presser and N. Louis (Babe) Triscaro

6. The Cleveland Cobras

7. The round container

8. The Cleveland Cavaliers

9. Guarino's

10. Yes. Aaron and Moses Wilcox.

11. The Cleveland Orchestra

12. President Ronald Reagan

13. 105th & Euclid

14. The Texas Rangers (1974). It was Beer Night.

15. Central Cadillac

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