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Brain Teasers
& Logic Puzzles - 8

  1. A man went into a store and found out that it cost $3 for 400. He figured that meant each part cost $1. What did he buy?
  2. How can you make a container that is filled with nothing but air even lighter?
  3. There is a room with no doors, no widows, nothing and a man is hung from the ceiling and a puddle of water is on the floor. How did he die?
  4. You will know that I am coming
    From the jingle of my bell,
    But exactly who I am is not an easy thing to tell.
    Children, they adore me
    for they find me jolly,
    but I do not see them when the halls are decked with holly.
    My job often leaves me frozen,
    I am a man that all should know,
    But I do not do business in times of sleet or ice or snow.
    I travel much on business,
    But no reindeer haul me around,
    I do all my traveling firmly on the ground.
    I love the time of Christmas,
    But that's not my vocational season,
    And I assure that is because of a sound economic reason.

    Who Am I?
  5. An inverted pyramid, the size of a building, is perfectly balanced on its tip. Under the point is a $1000 bill. How do you get the bill out from under the pyramid without causing it to fall?

The Answers Are Coming, The Answers Are Coming !!

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  1. He bought the cut-out numerals 4, 0 and 0 for his house address sign. Each number cost $1
  2. Poke holes in the container and it will be lighter.
  3. He stepped up on a block of ice to hang himself and then the ice melted.
  4. The ice cream man
  5. Nobody said you had to preserve the $1000 bill - burn it, rip it, whatever. Just keep the pyramid from falling

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