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Brain Teasers
& Logic Puzzles - 5

  1. The little boy said to his older brother "You're stronger than me but I can put something in this wheelbarrow and wheel it down the driveway and I bet you can't wheel it back. The older brother laughed and took the challenge and lost! What did he put in the wheelbarrow?
  2. A man lived alone and every night he went upstairs, turned the light on and went to bed. In the morning he turned the light off. Why?
  3. A man had six working clocks in his house and he always checked them before going to bed. One morning he woke up and the three upstairs clocks said 8:15 while the 3 downstairs clocks said 7:30.. What happened?
  4. This bird must legally have 14 feathers. Which?
  5. A woman was found unconscious next to a roulette wheel. What happened?
  6. During WW2, 2 German spies in London went to a bar and their cover was blown. How?
  7. A man is found dead on a little island. He was alone on the island did not starve or commit suicide. Wasn't poisoned or killed by a wild animal. How did he die?

The Answers Are Coming, The Answers Are Coming !!

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  1. His brother
  2. He was a lighthouse keeper
  3. The upstairs clocks were wind up so they were unaffected by the 45 minute power failure that affected the downstairs clocks.
  4. A badminton shuttlecock
  5. She was down to her last $100 in Vegas and the man next to her said she should put it all on her age. She bet the $100 on 29 and when it hit 35, her real age, she fainted
  6. They order 2 martinis. The barman asked Dry? They automatically thought he said the German word drei for three and answered Nein, Zwei (No, 2)
  7. A car skidded into him on the tiny traffic island he was on.

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