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A Brief History of US
Care for it's Elderly

1920: The Civil Service Retirement Act provided a retirement benefit for many government employees

1935: The Social Security Act was enacted including provisions for Old Age Assistance and Old Age Survivors Insurance.

1937: Railroad retirement Act enacted to provide a pension for retired railroad employees and their spouses.

1950: The first National Conference on Aging was formed by President Truman.

1952: The first federal funds were appropriated for social service programs for older people under Social Security Act.

1956: Special Staff on Aging was established within the Office of Health, Education and Welfare to coordinate responsibilities for aging.

1956: President Eisenhower created federal Council on Aging.

1959: Housing act authorized direct loan program to elderly at low interest rates, for non-rental properties.

1960: Social Security Administration (SSA) eliminated age 50 as minimum age for qualifying for disability benefits.

1961: First White House Conference on Aging was held.

1961: SSA lowered retirement age from 65 to 62.

1965: Older Americans Act signed July 14th. It established the Administration on Aging (AoA)

1965: Medicare Title XVIII Was established as a health insurance program under SSA

1965: Medicaid, Title XIX was established as health insurance program for low income persons under SSA

1967: Age Discrimination Act was signed into Law.

1971: Second White House Conference on Aging

1972: Title VII is created authorizing funds for nutritional programs for the elderly.

1974: Title XX of SSA authorized grants to individual states for social services including adult day care, employment training, nutrition assistance and health support.

1974: Housing and Community Development Act was enacted which provided for low income housing for the elderly and handicapped.

1974: The National Institute on Aging was created to conduct research and training related to aging including diseases and problems of an aging population.

1981: The 3rd White House Conference on Aging.

1986: Re-authorization of Older Americans Act added 6 distinct sections to the program

1990: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted.

1993: Fernando Torres-Gil was sworn in as the first Assistant Secretary fro Aging in the Department of Health and Human Services.

1995 White House Conference on Aging.

1995: 30th Anniversary of Older Americans Act, Medicare, Medicaid and the Foster Grandparent Program. 60th Anniversary of Social Security

1999: International Year of Older Persons: A Society for All Ages

2000: Older Americans Act Amendments of 2000 signed into law establishing the Family Caregiver Support Program

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