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Your dog questions answered

Q. I have a Chihuahua that is three years old. She threw up blood this afternoon. What do I do?

A. When a dog vomits blood it can be very serious depending on the cause.

If your dog ate something that upset his stomach it may break a few blood vessels in the esophagus from vomiting repeatedly. If there are just flecks of blood in the vomit and the dog feels good otherwise it may not be very serious.

However, more serious causes include ulcers, perforations by a sharp foreign object that was eaten (such as bones) or ingestion of rat poison which prevents clot formation.

Because a Chihuahua is such a small dog it can become more seriously ill faster that a larger dog so this warrants an immediate call to your veterinarian.

Q. I have a two year old Rottwieler and recently I noticed a knot or lump on his back right near his neck what could this be?????

A. Skin lumps on dogs can have many causes.

If your dog was vaccinated in that location recently it may be a simple local inflammation that usually resolves on its own over the next three weeks. Otherwise, I would monitor the growth twice a week for changes.

If it is getting bigger or is painful or itchy take him in soon to have it checked. Otherwise, you can wait to have it checked at his regular visit.

The lump may be a cyst, an insect bite, a benign lump (like histiocytoma or lymphoma) or varcky, a mast cell tumor. Your veterinarian may do a fine needle aspirate in the office or may recommend surgical removal and biopsy.

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