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Ask the Veterinarian
Dog eats Grass, People Vitamins, Bad dog breath & more

Katie asks:
Q. Sometimes my dog eats grass. Is he sick or does he have a vitamin deficiency or what?

A.Most dogs dog seem to eat grass when they are sick to perhaps stimulate vomiting. However dogs that continually eat grass may just have a bad habit.

I try to discourage the eating of grass just due to the fact of exposure to chemicals such as insecticides, fertilizers etc that may make the dog ill.

Joe asks:
Q.Our dog licks a spot on his leg till it is bare or raw. Our Vet says he is just bored? True?

A. Dogs can develop what is called lick granulomas. The dogs will continue to lick at these sites for several reasons which boredom is just one.

What happens is that the body will release endorphins that give the animal a sort of high and so they, in a sense, become addicted to the habit of licking.

There are other possibilities to there cause which could be allergies, food or inhalant, or boredom.

Treatment usually consists of an Elizabethan collar, plus minus topical treatment as well as oral antibiotics. They can be difficult to get rid of and prevention is the best medicine.

Anonymous asks:
Q.Our dog is ten years old. He seems in good health and we want to keep him that way. Could we give him a "people" vitamin (like One-a-day) or are there dog vitamins?

A. There are vitamin supplements for dogs. However if you are feeding a well balanced dog food (most brand names are fine) - one for a senior dog - then that should be all that is needed.

Q. My dog swallowed a peach - pit and all. Should I be worried?

A. A peach pit can be a serious problem especially in small dogs, it can become stuck in their intestines causing an obstruction. You need to watch for any signs of vomiting, decrease in appetite or depression.

The safest thing is to have your pet examined by your regular vet. If it has been more than 5 days since he has swallowed the pit then there probably is nothing to be concerned about.

Q.My pet loves to drink from puddles of water whenever she is outside. Is this harmful?

Drinking from puddles can be harmful if the water is stagnant or has chemicals in it - oil, insecticides etc. leading to an upset stomach and maybe some vomiting. The majority of times it should not be a problem.

Q.My pet has terrible breath. Help!

A. I recommend having your regular vet examine him for dental disease and schedule a routine dental cleaning if indicated.

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Veterinarain Gregory Herndon DVM

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