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More Dog Questions
Answered by
Dr. Gregory Herndon

Q. My 6-month-old son has pink eye and I was wondering if it is possible for a cat or dog to get it. We have a cat that absolutely loves my son and is around him all the time. Is it possible for the cat to get pink eye?

And, if so, are there any signs in a cat or dog that are different from signs in a human?

I am afraid it would make him sad because he couldn't keep up with the puppy and miss the attention he would have to share.

A. No. Most forms of pink eye are species specific.

Q.When my dog had the mange, I got sarcoptic mites in me. They're everywhere.

My Dr. called my vet and it was verified but my Dr. won't treat me. I'm a mess and need help before these mites eat me alive.

Is there any advice you can offer or home remedy. Thank you.

A. Most sarcoptic mange is self-limiting in humans so the infection will be transient unless your pet has not been treated and still has mange.

I can't offer you any medical advice for you and if you are really suffering you need to consult a dermatologist (one for humans)

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Veterinarain Gregory Herndon DVM

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