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Ask the Veterinarian
Puppy for Christmas, Shedding Sheltie & Eating Deer Droppings

Q. Our grandkids want a puppy for Christmas. We have been told to wait till Spring because that's when the newborns are most plentiful. Is that correct?

As long as they have papers, is it safe to buy from people who place ads in the paper or do we need to go to a breeder?

A. That is somewhat true, there are a greater variety of puppies in the spring and summer months but that will vary from year to year.

As far as where to get a puppy I think the humane society is a good place to start unless you are looking for a specific breed then you should locate a breeder.

Beware of "back yard" breeders that do not have any type of papers on their animal or the male dog that was used. The downside of breeders is that the cost will be greater depending on the breed and lineage.

Q. Can my dogs (who have the full run of our yard) catch anything from deer or Canadian geese? Both the deer and the geese (especially the geese) leave little souvenirs all over the yard and I'm afraid they will catch something from them if the deer or geese were sick. Is this possible?

A. There are possibilities to pick up parasites from their droppings if your dogs eat their droppings. I am unfamiliar with any other diseases of deer and geese in your area. Sorry.

Q. My Sheltie is shedding - now in December. Does this make sense? What should I do?

A. Dogs will shed continuously throughout the year; this is normal for their hair growth cycle.

Unless your dog has large clumps of hair falling out, thinning areas and/or bald patches then I would not be too concerned.

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Veterinarain Gregory Herndon DVM

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