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Ask the Veterinarian
What Dog Food to Buy?

Q. After doing hours or research trying to find the best dog food available, I've discovered that I know no more than when I started.

I've been using Solid Gold products, but they've changed their food recently, and for other reasons as well, I'm not satisfied with it anymore.

Assuming that price is not an issue, could you give me your top three brand recommendations?

I have a mature lab, and an allergy prone sheltie. A product line that also has a feline diet would be preferred

A. Welcome to the world of Dog Foods.

My top three choices are Eukanuba, Waltham or Science Diet brands.

Most of them have some form of a low residue formula which means the food is more digestible and hence less stools, which most owners appreciate.

Purina is also a good brand as well as Natures Choice and Nutramax. It will most likely come down to price and what your pet will eat. I hope this helps

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Veterinarain Gregory Herndon DVM

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