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What breed of dog
should we get?

Q. Can you recommend a dog for my husband and I? We both work but are home evenings. We would like a medium sized dog. We have no children but don't want one that we have to be afraid to have the grandkids over.

A. There are a couple of breeds that you may want to consider.

I think Labradors, black or yellow, are good as well as standard Poodles (the big ones.)

The latter don't shed much hair and that is a big bonus. Other breeds like Golden Retrievers are also great pets.

Lately there has been some news about crossings between Labs and Poodles (Labradoodles, no I am not making this up) that make great pets. However, they are quite pricey, about $2,000, so that takes them off a lot of lists.

As with any breed they have their problems and doing your homework is key to getting a pet. The more info you can gather the better.

Sometimes though getting a Heinz 57 variety can be the best.

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Veterinarain Gregory Herndon DVM

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