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Meet Stuart & Riley Smith

Stuart is the handsome "Siberian Kitty" with the beautiful blue eyes. He was very sick when we adopted him and had to get an IV at the cat hospital. He was so tiny, weighed in at only 0.9 Lbs!!! Today he's big and strong and loves to be held and cuddled.

Cats - Stuart and Riley

Riley is the cow-cat. He loves to play fetch and drools a river when he's content. We can't leave toilet-lids up because he gets in and drinks (yuck - I think he thinks he's a dog). Because of his cat/dog identity crisis, we affectionately call him our Dat or Cog.

Riley the cat with beer

Riley is about a year and a half old - the picture was taken when he was only about 9 months or so. He is a regular American Shorthair cat (house cat), and he is the MOST affectionate cat you'll ever see.

He loves playing fetch and he will bring the ball right back to you. He LOVES it when his "mommy" (that's me) brushes her teeth - his eyes get kind of hazy and he starts to drool.

The laundry picture was taken the day we took Riley home. cats in laundry basketStuart got VERY upset and they were hissing at each other and did NOT want to be around one another. So, we left home for a while to see what would happen and we found this when we got home. It was so cute.

It took quite some time for them to get totally used to each other, though. Now they're pals.

I've submitted them to a contest in Sweden - to be the "Lussekatt" of the year. A Lussekatt is actually a Christmas bread, or a Lucia (Lusse) bread. But Katt in means Cat...little play on words there, eh.

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