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Declaw Cat & Shedding Cat
by Dr. Joseph N. Farkas DVM

Q. Why would my cat be shedding now, in the cold weather? She is a cat I rescued - I found her roaming the streets, but I had her checked by a vet.

Now her hair is falling out in clumps!

A. She probably needs a thorough combing. If hair is falling out and leaves an area of baldness then there is something wrong and you really should re-visit your vet.

If the hair is falling out but leaves no bald area then the cat just needs a really good grooming.

Q.If I have a new cat declawed will she be less aggressive? A friend had to give her up because the Center she is now living in won't allow pets.

She's pretty old and quite crabby (the cat not the friend) and I would like to calm her down some.

A. Declawing does not affect personality, only the outcome of possible altercations. Check with your vet about possible medications for behavioral modification.

If the cat can't be medicated orally some medications cane be given transdermally (through the skin).

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Joe Farkas DVM

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