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The Wrong Dog: a Rachel Alexander and Dash mystery
by Carol Lea Benjamin

Rachel Alexander and her pit bull, Dashiell, work as private investigators in New York City. Rachel receives a request from a woman who wants her to find the veterinarian who cloned her dog, Blanche.

Blanche is a dog who is able to recognize a seizure when it is coming on and warn the person who is about to have it. This makes Blanche a valuable dog since there are very few dogs capable of this kind of work.

As Rachel looks into the cloning of dogs, which everyone discounts as impossible, and searches for the missing vet, her client is murdered. Rachel and Dash work best when dogs are at risk.

Here Blanche, an elderly and infirm dog, needs someone to prepare her special meals and keep her safe. Bianca, her clone, is young and frisky but is showing no signs of having Blanche's talent.

This is one of the best dog mystery series as Benjamin knows her dogs and makes them come alive as characters. There are currently five books in the series, all great mysteries and well worth the time spent reading.

Reviewed by J. Vicarel


The wrong dog
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