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Scrap City
Scrapbooking for Urban Divas and Small Town Rebels

by Paul Gambino

This is not your father's (or mother's) guide to scrapbooking. Though it does include a guide to tools and a glossary of sorts (what are decorative edge scissors?) this is a non-traditional book.

Scarp City logo

For starters, it's big; about 10 x 10 - like a scrapbook. Most of the book consists of examples from a wide range of scrapbook artists - from the skater kid and the tattooed woman to a few more traditional designs.

The author, Paul Gambino, has taught screenwriting at the School of Visual Arts, was a production consultant and writer for NBC, and was Creative Director for the magazines Gener8 and Ultra.

The idea is that despite the popularity of scrapbooking, most of the information available is the same-old designs for pages of weddings, baby and little league. The designs in this book are much more edgy and artistic. They will certainly give you new ways to look at your own pages.

Each sample page is displayed and then there is information about the artist and their motivation.

sample scrapbook page from Scrap City
Sample page design from Scrap City

The Tips and Tech section will tell you how and why they created the page design and the Supplies section will tell what they used to achieve it.

In keeping with the "hip" theme of the book, there is a guide for 30 minute scrapbooking and information on virtual scrapbooks - on-line instead of on paper.

If you've been bored by the traditional scrapbooks you have seen or want some new ideas for your own projects, this 170 page book can give you a whole new way of looking at scrapbooks and scrapbooking.

For more information or to buy this book from Amazon.Com just click Scrap City: Scrapbooking for Urban Divas and Small Town Rebels

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