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Secret Sanction
by Brian Haig

The words "humble" and "modest" are not part of Major Sean Drummond's vocabulary.

A maverick lawyer with the army JAG corps, he has been assigned the investigation of a Special Forces A Team. The nine men comprising the team were in Kosovo to train a group of Kosovar Albanians who had been driven from their homeland by the Serbian militia.

When the Kosovar unit attempted a raid on a village, the entire unit was killed. The A Team - supposedly against orders - took it on their own to seek vengeance. They set an ambush on a Serbian supply route and annihilated all 35 men.

The army arrested the entire A Team, and the major had orders to find out what the hell had happened. What orders had the A-Team been given? And who signed the orders? These are an elite team of Green Berets - and Drummond knows they are lying.

The cocky combat veteran has a secret past, and that makes this case all the more interesting. But be careful Sean, even you can't know everything.

A wonderfully suspenseful first novel by Brian Haig, himself a graduate of the Academy at West Point and a 22 year Army veteran. He also happens to be the son of Alexander Haig, Secretary of State for President Ronald Reagan.

Haig created Sean Drummond to be a cocky, brash, humorous, and believable enough for both men and women. I see "Hollywood" written all over this book.

A really good read.

Reviewed by J. A. Heck


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