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By Mary Higgins Clark
and Carol Higgins Clark

Sterling Brooks was a cad.

At least that was the opinion of a member of the Heavenly Council. It was the week before Christmas and he had been lagging in the celestial waiting room for 46 earthly years.

Now Sterling Brooks wasn't a bad or mean man. His guilt was selfishness. He was finally summoned before the Council - to find he is being given a test to prove he deserves to be admitted to heaven.

The saints on the Council decide to send Sterling back to earth. His task? Recognize a person in need and help that person. That will be quite a feat for a man who never thought of anyone else his entire life on earth. But there is a catch. He must accomplish his mission by Christmas Eve, only one earth week away.

Down to earth for Sterling, to the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. And to a lovely almost-eight years old little skater named Marissa. Enter two mobsters, the Badgett brothers, who are the cause of Marissa's problems. Can Sterling help her by Christmas Eve? The Council is watching, and so are the bad guys.

Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter Carol Higgins Clark have again successfully collaborated on this lovely suspense story - warmhearted and humorous. A perfect read for the holiday season.

Reviewed by Judith A. Heck


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