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The Draznin Plan:
The Thinking Person's
Guide to Diabetes
By Boris Dranin, M.D., PhD

How to maintain a healthy weight
and prevent diabetes

"Lifestyle changes can prevent diabetes in 65% of people who are otherwise destined to suffer from the dreaded disease."

This book is based on Dr Draznin's successful treatment of thousands of diabetic patents for over 30 years. From that experience, he has created a specific and easy-to-follow plan that combines increased physical activity with critical dietary restrictions.

Because being overweight creates a "tremendous risk for diabetes" these lifestyle changes can help prevent the disease.

The book is carefully written and explains the disease very well. It uses real-life case studies to demonstrate the conditions.

Much of the advice is common sense - "A person does not lose weight by diet alone" - but it is presented in an interesting way that you may find helpful.

Throughout the book are "Draznin Rules" such as "Never, ever buy any food item that contains more than 6 grams of sugar per serving."

He also introduces the Draznin Mile for exercise and the Draznin Calorie for dieting.

The case studies and the question section at the end may give you a new insight into techniques that may assist you with living with or preventing this disease.

The Thinking Person's Guide to Diabetes : The Draznin Plan

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