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Bill Warrington's Last Chance
by James King

Bill Warrington's Last Chance is the first novel written by Lakewood-born (now living in Connecticut) James King.

We meet Bill Warrington and his estranged family. We even get to know his deceased wife, Claire in an up-close and personal way.

There is a depth of character development in King's writing too often ignored in novels. I not only got to know these characters, but I genuinely cared about them, albeit some more than others.

I fell in love with Bill Warrington, the gruff, cantankerous ex-marine and his equally cantankerous granddaughter, April.

It is hard for me to believe these characters are not real and I want so badly to reach out to them. King did an amazing job of making the reader feel and relate. I am finished reading the book and yet I want to know more about them and I find myself still thinking about things they said or did.

I will add James King to my WTW list (Writers to Watch) and Bill Warrington goes to the head position on my CIL list (Characters I Like).

Visit James King's webpage for more including an interview with the author and an excerpt from his book.

Don't Miss:

James King will be at the Westlake Borders on Friday August 27 at 7:00 PM. - the home of health information for seniors and boomers age 50 and over

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