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Veterans Advantage, Inc.

Veterans Advantage, Inc.

Veterans Advantage, Inc.

Memorial Day/Veteran's Day Parade
by Joanne Bailey Baxter

Lining up in a long straight row -
Out west of town over the bridge we go.

The cemetery shelter is at the back of the hill-
The flowers and flags are all so still.

The band leads the way to the flower hedge,
The program begins with the American flag pledge.

Speeches are made to honor servicemen dead,
to ease sad hearts, many prayers are read.

The trumpeters play "Taps" to say "Farewell".
Many go home to just sit a spell,

Recalling and cherishing people and places.-
The things that happened mid smiling faces.

Flowers and flags are placed by each loved one-
Farewells again are said at setting sun.

For the treasured times in the old scrap book-
Our hearts go back for a fleeting last look.

I wrote this in 7th grade in 1942 - and it was published in our 8th grade paper for Memorial Day, but it surely honors and recalls Veterans at any time. My brother was on the ship that did atomic bomb testing. He had been deceased for 16 years.

Joanne Bailey Baxter---aka Granny Jo

Veterans Advantage, Inc.

Veteran saluting a grave on veteran's Day

POW - MIA You are not forgotten

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