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Sweetest Day
Instead of Spending Money,
Spend a Moment

When holidays like Sweetest Day come around there will always be people who say it's just a money making day for a card or candy company. Maybe that's true. But it doesn't have to be just that.

It can be a special day to remember someone you love: a parent, a sibling, a friend, your significant other or even a total stranger.

If you really don't want to propagate what you consider the commercialism of the day you can still recognize these loved ones by trying some of these helpful suggestions.


There are more than 70 hospitals in Greater Cleveland. Each hospital represents hundred of people that could use a kind word, a prayer, a visit, a flower, or yes, even a piece of candy.

Instead of spending money spend a moment and visit just one person in one hospital. It could make a tremendous amount of difference.

Acts of Kindness:

There are so many times throughout a day that we could do without spending a cent or even taking too much time. Help that person carry their bags to the car. Hold the door even if you have to wait an extra minute. Smile at the person next to you. So what if they don't smile back or say thank you. You've still done something sweet and it is, after all "sweetest day".

Write a Letter:

Regardless of your view on having our young men and women in Iraq, they are there and they are away from their families and loved ones.

Click for a web site that will give you many good ideas of places you can send a letter, leave a message, donate time or even care for the pet of a person in the service.

There are many things that can be done without spending money on this day.

What is important is that we each take a moment to think of something nice to do and do it - not for reward but just because it's the Sweetest thing to do.

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